Hotel D Sapphire

Hotel D’ Sapphire, located in the heart of the city, adjoining National Highway 37. Just a short distance from Assam Capital Complex, Dispur, the hotel is in close proximity to all the major landmarks of this Government hub.

The team welcomes you with cheery greetings, a friendly smile and a whiff of fragrance. The midscale hotel that uplift your spirits at the end of a long day. hotel D’ Sapphire’s comfort helps you unwind with its smart in-room amenities and vibrant restaurant.

The hotel with 24 rooms, offers you a wide array of accommodation options at an unbeatable value. These cozy rooms are designed to give you a great night’s sleep with an orthopedics mattress, excellent sound insulation and near-perfect dark-out curtains.

We help to make your stay ‘just right’ with our high speed wi-fi, cable television and well appointed bathrooms. The rooms also have a workstation and an ergonomically designed chair, to make business on the go productive .

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