Patna Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital – Hospital in Guwahati, Assam

From Patna Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital
“Patna Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital has been providing excellent orthopaedic care since its inception. Located in ChandanNagar,Survey(Guwahati), our unwavering commitment towards caring for our patients has seen us grow phenomenally in a very short time. It is the first of its kind orthopedic hospital in Guwahati and is slowly becoming one of the renowned Orthopedic Hospitals in North East India.”

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  1. fema mousi
    fema mousi
    21 Nov 2021

    This hospital is a fraud,at first without doctor’s consultancy they took the x ray of me and kept me waiting for 4 hours. After the doctor got free he didn’t even see my report and directly on of his helper came and said i need to do casting on my leg and i said okay if it is so,they took my friend downstairs at the reception and directly ask for 12000 rs for normal plaster on my leg, without even consulting the doctor they directly wanted to charge from me. After that when i told the doctor tell me what is wrong with my foot he said go and show to another doctor, the worst doctor i have met in my life with so much arrogance. Later on when i showed my report to other orthopedist at downtown hospital he said there is no need for casting and it’s just a normal strain, i explained to him what happened at Patna trauma hospital,he directly started laughing and said was he supposed to do operation on your foot. Such a fraud hospital with the worst workers. Don’t visit,take my advice never go to this hospital.

    1. Regards: Team Patna Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital.
      Regards: Team Patna Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital.
      21 Nov 2021

      We, the staffs and doctors of Patna orthopedic hospital always try to do our best to serve the patients with utmost care. But if you have faced inconvenience, we apologise for the same. Please visit us or contact us once, we will look into the matter and solve it. We will take initiatives so that our patients never feel the same problems again.