Rahman Hospitals Pvt. Ltd

The Rahman Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. was inaugurated by the Honourable Ex-Chief Minister of Assam, Sri Tarun Gogoi on the 12 June 2010 as an Advanced Centre for Neurological, Neurosurgical, Spinal Disease, 24 hours Trauma Emergency Care and Allied Specialities, 100 bedded indoor treatment facility with most modern equipments at affordable cost. Our services have been carefully selected from different regions of North-East States with a view to patient care. Our caring team is available round the clock and is able to assist needy people at any hour Rahman Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. Guwahati is equipped with most modern technology and equipments at par with advanced Neuro Centres in the world. For the first time in Guwahati we are introducing Ultrasound suction, aspirator for brain and spinal tumour surgery which will reduce time by 50% at the same time increases the safety factor. Rahman Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. is not only multi speciality hospital, but also having higher speciality departments which are generally available in Postgraduate Institutions.


  • Neurology/Neuro Surgery
  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Breast Clinic
  • Orthopaedic
  • Diabetic Clinic
  • Master Health Checkup
  • Neuro Ophthalmology
  • Cardiac Care
  • Gynaecology
  • ENT
  • Dentistry
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Dialysis
  • ERCP
  • Endoscopy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Blood Bank
  • Urology
  • Speech Therapy

Doctors :

Dr. M. L. A. Rahman
Sr. Consultant Neurosurgeon
Medical Director,
Rahman Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Atiqul Hussain
Neuro Ophthalmologist
Director (Operation),
Rahman Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Shamim Ahmed
ENT Surgeon

Dr. A. Tassa
In-House Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Pranati B. Das
General Surgeon

Dr. Manoj Kr. Saikia
Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Abhijeet Raha
Anaesthesiologist Critical Care

Dr. Goutam Deka
Anaesthesiologist Critical Care

Dr. U. C. Dutta

Dr. Plabita C. Mohan

Dr. Alvin Sinha

Dr. Ranjan Barua

Dr. Vishwajeet Bardoloi

Dr. P. K. Choudhury

Dr. Padma Talukdar

Dr. D. C. Mahanta

Dr. Syed Wasim Hasan
Consultant Urologist

Dr. Akbar Haidry

Dr. S. F. Chishti
Incharge Accident & Emergency

Dr. Misba Ruman
Dental Surgeon

Dr. Iskender Ali
Dental Surgeon

Dr. U. K. Tamuli
Orthopedic Surgeon

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18 Reviews

  1. Adrianna Lalrindiki
    Adrianna Lalrindiki
    13 Nov 2021

    My close friend is suppose to have a surgery in this hospital so we will find out how it turns. The thing I want to share with you today is about the security guys. They are very manner less and discriminate people based on their looks . They always ask me and my peeps to change our mask and won’t tell to other people. Also they let anyone in but we always need to take permissions.

  2. Neel Ferdus
    Neel Ferdus
    13 Nov 2021

    I have admitted my amma in critical condition now she can talk within 7 days .. She had a brain stroke.. Awesome service .. I am so grateful to each and everyone of this institution.. I am lucky that i met someone like Rahman sir and Gorky sir

  3. Ashish Carpenter
    Ashish Carpenter
    13 Nov 2021

    I came to Rahman hospital for the first time on 16th October 2021 at around 12 pm to meet the doctor with my father’s reports. As per their procedure I had to do RAT test of Rs 350 and have to take a n95 written mask Of 80 rs just to enter the hospital . Which I eventually did . Inspite of taking online appointment my father’s name was not in the list . I had to do the new registration of opd and paid 1200 for registration and doctors fees . Eventually I got my name entered and had to wait for my turn show the reports . My number came around 2.30 pm and I was asked to go to the doctor’s cabin. As I entered and sat in his cabin the doctor left the cabin and I had no clue where he was inspite asking many times to the assistant there was no answer. After waiting solid 3 hours with no response I had no patience left to know that Dr has gone to have tea. Finally doctor came by 6pm and checked the report. Advised me to bring my dad to hospital tomorrow in emergency. Today after hiring an ambulance and had to bring my dad suffering with pain we reached Rahman around 12 pm his RAT test was done and was put into emergency where I was again asked to pay rs 400. The matter of fact is I was called as per the time given and now even after 3 hours there is no whereabout about the doctor . The very unprofessional and non systematic hospital I have even seen . Pathetic service no body know when doctor will come .

    I recommend that if you don’t want to waste your time and money don’t ever come to this hospital . It is just bcoz of the name of the Dr thr hospital is running else the hospital is pathetic.

  4. Yesminara Begum
    Yesminara Begum
    13 Nov 2021

    One of the worst hospital in guwahati.All they need money in the name of Corona test they ask for 350/- for attendant and 250 /-for patient.After that if you have not any N95mask then you have to purchase mask for rupees 80/- per piece.Doctor consultation fees is too high 1200/-.From my personal experience I would like to mention that my mother has nerve related issue from past more than 5 years.1st time I choose Dr.MLA for treatment and I was expecting a good
    prescribed medicine but rather he just gave a gas related medicine , painkiller and only 10 numbers of nerve related medicine.before prcribing medicine he directly talked about the operation without any proper treatment.From my point of view they just need a patient for operation purpose.its very disheartening that in the name of a hospital they looting common people like us.Even his behavior with patient was not so good.so personally not recommend this hospital.Waste of money and time.

  5. Unknown Creater
    Unknown Creater
    13 Nov 2021

    Worst hospital i have ever visit, even the government hospitals service are much better than this hospital.
    The security and stuffs are very rude every time.
    One more thing left to tell about the hospital, After 4th day of operation of my dad’s they called me to pay 22500 rupees, but i already paid every penny they changed.

    Requesting everyone not to go to this hospital for treatment

  6. J Baruah
    J Baruah
    13 Nov 2021

    Great hospital at a really nice location. Located at six mile vip road. All the doctor. Nice hospitality as well. I had a very good experience in the hospital guest relation staff was very polite & she made our consultation very smooth and easy totally service was good .. Doctors and attendants were really doing great. Best service from expertise doctors and the consultations were very helpful. Would visit next time for a check up.

  7. Safayat Hussain
    Safayat Hussain
    13 Nov 2021

    I have been taking my wife to this hospital every year, for past 10years and I am very satisfied with the professionalism and service here. In fact, right now, i’m writing this review from my wife’s cabin.

    I do agree with some of the negative reviews. But those are probably from one time visits.

    Things I like..
    – they have very strict standard operating procedures. Right from the guards at the gate to ICUs
    – all employees (guards, canteen staff, nurse, doctors) are very kind and courteous. They remember each and every patient/attendant admitted in the hospital. Asks how the patient is doing
    – cost is almost the same as any other hospital. But you can be sure that the doctors will not ask or recommend any unnecessary tests. So, you will save on those
    – Dr. Rahman and his wife are dedicated to serving each and every patient and has trained every employee to do the same.

    Things they can improve..
    – appointments. While getting an appointment is easy, actual meeting takes time. Expect 3-4hrs wait time from the appointment time. (It’s because it’s a small hospital with less doctors. And everyone is busy consulting taking care of some patient or the other)

    Having shared my experience, in short..it’s definitely the best for neurological problems and quality patient care.

  8. Pinhaz Nargis
    Pinhaz Nargis
    13 Nov 2021

    Very bad experience. Only they need money nothing else. My father and mother had an accident in last Sunday and now my father is in bad condition. I went to the hospital to visit the doctor and to take a little advice from him and to ask the doctor whether my father’s reports are normal or any serious condition. Even if he suggests to admit my father in this hospital I will definitely admit him . I just went there to take a decision from him. But when I went there first of all they took Rs450 for my covid test and N95 mask. I did it immediately.After that when I enter the hospital they again asked for 1050 Rupees for registration. With out this payment doctor will not talk with me. Now the fact is that they never inform me about this payment (1050)outside. And I came alone just to asked him whether is it necessary to admit my father in the hospital or may be he could be in serious condition. Now you guys think for this little query I will have to pay 1450 Rupees otherwise I can’t be able to talk with doctor… and due to my parents accident I was already financially broken. Literally I feel very helpless today. If we will have to faced such kind of problems then how the doctors and hospitals will helps a normal people ? I really never expected this kind of behaviours from this hospital and doctors even I never experienced this kind of condition before , in other hospital and doctors. Seriously I had a very bad experience from this hospital. They just need money. If you have money then they will talk with you otherwise they will ignore you.

  9. North East ZONE
    North East ZONE
    13 Nov 2021

    Everything is great treatment, behavior of nurse, superb but a single question raised in my mind is that during this pendemic situation what they r doing is really hats off they didn’t allow anyone to enter without a valid certificate of covid 19 negetive, but do those security guard have that valid certificate with them??? So it’s a humble request to one and all that if those security person ask for a negative certificate ask them to produce their negative certificate too since it’s our right too, since they meet many person in a single day they are in high risk not us and about the #lift boss a serious patient who is in 3rd floor need medicine and the attendance have to take the stairs isn’t it disgusting, kindly have time and think about it and about the pharmacy they are really very lazy, two girl and two-three boys will be inside but they will attend one attendance.

  10. Nakib Nakib
    Nakib Nakib
    13 Nov 2021

    Emergincy section is too poor.
    Appointment procidure is not good.
    Have to wait a long time for doctor consultation.
    Fees are too high.
    I Dont know why covit test is compulsory here no other hospital do so.
    Rapid test price 350 its too high.

    Not so good.

  11. Rinki Dev
    Rinki Dev
    13 Nov 2021

    My mom was neurology patient since 10yrs. Then I contact Rehman hospital and visited at December 2020.. now my mom is very fine. Thanks to Dr MLA Rehman

  12. Enayat zaman
    Enayat zaman
    13 Nov 2021

    Worst worst worst…. They don’t have proper doctors ..
    Most doctors are from private colleges… They are not even worthy of clearing 12th biology exam..
    Pathetic …

  13. Varsharani Das
    Varsharani Das
    13 Nov 2021

    Went for mother’s ligament injury, everything was good but if you are visiting the hospital during the pandemic, make sure you take your Covid Negative Report which was tested not later than a week with you or else they’ll not let you enter …and they’ll let you in only after the Rapid Antigen Test which they charge Rs 350(rather do it at any government hospital and visit Rahman Hospital )…and also face masks other than N95 are not allowed (which doesn’t makes any sense I guess) …N95 masks inside the hospital costs rs 100 each…I rather prefer buying it from the pharmacies outside where you can purchase it half the price..(rs 50 each).

  14. Anamika Borah
    Anamika Borah
    13 Nov 2021

    Was there for emergency hospitalization last year during the lockdown. While waiting for the doctor for more than an hour in the emergency ward, the stuff was busy discussing mango pickle recipe!
    The diagnosis was completely wrong,confirmed by Dr. Rahman’s prof which led me to fall atleast 10 times hurting myself severely. They couldn’t read a broken finger from the x-ray and the stitches didn’t stay in place!
    The nurses and maids were not there, forcing my elderly parents to attend to me in their absence.
    Only good thing : the canteen rotis and chola ghugni was fresh and tasty.

  15. Champa Burman
    Champa Burman
    13 Nov 2021

    The worst hospital I have ever been to.
    They even charge for emergency ward.
    Security guards are rude and misbehaves.
    For such hospital the doctor visiting fee is 1k.
    Doctors are good no doubt, but will make you wait like hell and won’t even let you go. (Business)
    But the working staffs are horrible.
    The patient was in the emergency ward and the patient was attended by the doctor after 6 hours. (For stroke attacked)
    And the people in the emergency ward who are not doctors, they asked the patient for blood test, CT scan, Xray and some other test(without consultanting the doctor)
    ***And I’m sure all the good reviews are given by there own people because there was about 30 patients around me and everyone was complaining about the same.
    They treat patients as customers.
    Lastly there security guards are just like animals, they don’t treat humans like humans, doesn’t respect senior citizens, they are rude to every individual.

  16. Sweety Marak
    Sweety Marak
    13 Nov 2021

    I went to this hospital for my aunt check and my experience in this hospital wasn’t that great .The referring doctor was good ,and overall communication was allright but the faculty staff from registration to canteen staff was totally outrageous, no sense of public service nor any proper communication, they treated people as if its government free run hospital that we are coming there for free treatments. Attitude level is way out of hand ,staffs are so rude and not approachable, didn’t expect such remarks from renowned hospital like this.

  17. Shamim Afridi
    Shamim Afridi
    13 Nov 2021

    I don’t know how about the treatment but… Doctors are taking too much time than usual. Suppose u have an appointment at 2pm they will not call u before 5 O clock also…. They are taking too much money for they registration but they don’t care about the patients emergency . I never seen any hospital taking this much time for consulting with doctors .

    Very poor service.. i will like to request to hospital authority to take care of those issues

    Cleanness = 5*
    Punctuality = -5*****

    Doctors ka jaab marji dekhega jab marji chala jayega …

  18. Chelsea Shangpliang
    Chelsea Shangpliang
    13 Nov 2021

    Dr MLA Rahman is the owner of the hospital he’s very good & experient doctor…But yes appointment is not so very easy u have to be patient enough but the wait is worth for your treatment!!!