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Welcome to the World of High Speed Internet

Bring Home Wireless Broadband With Us. Let your aspirations take flight with Rajdhani Air Broadband & Leased Line Internet Connection!

Dream big. Now you have the power to turn your dreams into reality, at your finger tips. Be it an education abroad, a high flying job, a wide network of friends, the most suitable life partner, a library full of movies…Now you can have it all.

Just connect to Rajdhani Air Broadband which offers high speeds at really affordable prices.


Available High Speed Internet Connection Cyber Cafe timing 7.30 Am to 8.30 PM


We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the best and fastest growing Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Guwahati. An Internet Service Provider is the backbone of what really allows you to get on the world wide web. This is the company as service that you choose to provide you with that data backbone to the outside world.

In this process to extend problem free Internet access. We are extending the same through WiFi (Wireless) modems. We have also provide optical fiber Connectivity for Internet Service.

Our Mission:

“We enable business transformation and enrichment of lives by delivering sustainable world class technology Products, Solutions & Services in our chosen markets thereby creating superior shareholder value.”

Our Quality Policy:

“We shall deliver defect free products, services and solutions to meet the requirements of our external and internal customers the first time, every time.”

About Wireless:

To received this type of Internet Connection, consumers mount a small dish to the roof of their home as office and point it to the transmitter. Line of Sight is usually necessary for this type of connection.


We at Rajdhani Telecom Pvt Ltd provides all the services to get connected to online. We have complete solution for your connectivity issues.

For Corporate:

We offer High Speed Internet Connection by Leased Line (Optical Fiber Connectivity), this enables you to get 1:1 Bandwidth. Our Leased Line bandwidth starts from 256 KBPS to 100 MBPS. With 99.9% Uptime we offer High Speed, Highly Reliable Connectivity Solution for Corporate and most importantly only we Offer UNLIMITED Download and Upload

For Home / Personal Users:

Rajdhani Air Broadband is an ultimate solution with High Speed connectivity for everyday Internet activity. With UNLIMITED Data Transfer you can now free to do whatever you want to do on the Internet, without worrying about Data Transfer limit.

For Cyber Cafe

We provide complete solution to setup your own Cyber Cafe, with 2 MBPS and above Bandwidth and Unlimited Data Transfer and connectivity option by Air Broadband or Leased Line.

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