Sun Valley Hospital in Guwahati

  • G.S.Road. Mathura Nagar, Guwahati-781006. Assam. India.
  • 6003879290 / 0361-2336600/ 2334762/ 2334759
  • 24x7

Sun Valley Hospital

Sun Valley Diabetic Care and Research were opened on 6th July 2003. And then after getting overwhelming support following a phase of sincere and dedicated quality service to our valued patients, we are encouraged to come up as a full-fledged Diabetes Hospital, the first Diabetic Hospital in the entire Northeastern region. Sun Valley Hospital is a unit of Sun Vally Diabetic Care & Research Centre has been started in December 2008 with 10 bedded indoor Provision and at present, we are having 25 bed indoor provisions.

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Hospital

List Of Department and Consultants

1. Department of Endocrinology
Dr. A.K Singh, MD, DM

2. Department of Diabetology
Dr. Bikash Bhattacharjee, MBBS, DC, MDC (Australia)
Dr. Mukul Bora, MBS, DMCH, FDRC(Chennai)

3. Department of Cardiology
Dr. Chandan Modak, DM
Dr. Debraj Saikia, MBBS, PGDCC

4. Department of Nephrology
Dr. P.J Mahanta, MD, DM

5. Department of Neurology/ Neurosurgery
Dr. L.J Basumatary, DM
Dr. S. Ahmed Mch
Dr. D. Borgohain, Mch

6. Department of Medicine
Dr. J.C. Bhattacharjee, MD
Dr. P. Das, MD
Dr. Arup Choudhury, MD

7. Department of Anaesthesiology & Critical Care
Dr. M.P Nath, MD Intensivist & Interventional pain specialist
Dr. Chondra Deka, DA

8. Department of Opthamology
Dr. Sandip Bora, MBBS, DD
Dr. (MRS) H. Barua, MS

9. Department of Surgery & Foot Care
Dr. H. Mahanta,MS
Dr. S.K. Jain, MS, Foot care specialist
Dr. P. Bhagawat, MS
Dr. J.K Kalita, MS
Dr. A.J. Baruah, MS
Dr. Mahidul Islam, MS

10. Department of Urology
Dr. Arup Kr. Nath, Mch (Urology)
Dr. S.J Baruah, MS, Mch (Urology)
Dr. Debanga Sarma, Mch (Urology)

11. Department of Orthopaedics
Dr. Utpal Tamuli, MS
Dr. Bikash Bordoloi, MS12. Department of Dermatology
Dr. A. Rahman, MD
Dr. (MRS) M. Lahkar, MD

13. Department of ENT
Dr. Anjanjyoti Bhuyan, MS

14. Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr. (MRS) M. Bhagawat, D.G.O
Dr. Dhiraj Bora

15. Department of Dentistry
Dr. Chandan Saharia
Dr. Bhaskar Kakati

16. Department of Radiology
Dr. Abani Das, MBS, DMRD
Dr. (MRS) Manashi Dey Bora, MBBS, DMRD
Dr. D. Pathak, MD

17. Department of Pathology
Dr. Nabajyoti Dutta, DCP

18. Department of Physiotherapy
Dr. Alakesh Bhattacharjya
Dr. D. Kashyap

19. Dietician
Jyotshna Gogoi
Afruza Yasmin
Prarthana Kalita

20. Accident & Trauma
Dr. Shabbir Khan

21. Department of Pediatrics
Dr. D. Choudhury, DCH


Our Present Facilities & Services related to Diabetology & Endrocrinology are:

  • Modern Clinical Laboratory
  • Modern X-ray with Trained Technician and Experienced Doctor
  • Ophtalmology ( eye Clinic) Retina expert eye specialist with Trained Technician
  • Experienced Cardilogoist with trained Technician
  • Stress Testing
  • Digital ECG
  • Colour Doppler Ultra- sound and Echo Cardiograph
  • Diabetic foot care clinic & O.T with a highly professional & skilled team of experts including foot surgeon (Excellent management of Foot infection, Sepsis & Gangene)
  • Counselling & Physiotherapy
  • Indoor provision- general male & female ward, Semi Cabin, Cabin (AC & non AC)

Additional Services

  • Medicine & Consumables
  • Diet Counselling
  • Health related Videos
  • Cafeteria with Food variety
  • Health related literatures
  • Life Style related Products












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28 Reviews

  1. Ilyas Azmir Khan
    Ilyas Azmir Khan
    15 Nov 2021

    One of the best Diabetes hospital in NE India. Staff are gentle and good behavior with all visitor. I love❤ Sun Valley hospital. All the best.

  2. A2Z Vlogs
    A2Z Vlogs
    15 Nov 2021

    It’s very well mannered staff good coordination with patients. . Overall experience is satisfactory. But little cleanup needed.

    1. Response from the owner
      Response from the owner
      15 Nov 2021

      Thank you for your valuable feedback, we will try our best to improve in the area needed. Do visit us again.

  3. Prajna Rani Singha
    Prajna Rani Singha
    15 Nov 2021

    Regret that I visit this hospital. The behaviour of dr is horrible. Will not visit again.

    1. Response from the owner
      Response from the owner
      15 Nov 2021

      We so sorry that your experience in our hospital was not up to your expectation. kindly send me the details of the problems you have faced in this mail ID- so that we can improve our services.

  4. Jintumoni Kalita
    Jintumoni Kalita
    15 Nov 2021

    Best hospital for diabetes!! Dr. Jain is the heart and soul and arguably the best foot diabetic doc u could ever find!!
    Prices a bit high as its a private hosp!! Neat and cleaned! Ward boys are offbeat! Some of whom behaviour is rude!! But the one and only life line for foot diabetics!! Best one indeed

  5. Dipankar Borah
    Dipankar Borah
    15 Nov 2021

    Writing this review to share my experiences with the hospital. During these puja holidays, took my mom for diabetic check up. First of all I would compliment the quality of treatment considering sizeable number of patients. But there are some things which needs major retrospect. The whole process of examination and consultation took whole day and nobody from hospital is bothered about this, on asking they told me that we should have come early in which I replied that I came at 9:00 am in the morning and asking for doctor check up at 4:30 PM. To visit this hospital u need to have great levels of patience. I simply have to visit counters and ask what to do next . Just imagine an elderly patient without attendant, what he or she has to face. The hospital authorities should definitely give priority to elderly people coming for consultation. One more thing there should be lunch break at definite hour because patients are waiting for their number and in this process lunch is skipped. Hope for better services in future

    1. Response from the owner
      Response from the owner
      15 Nov 2021

      Thank you for your valuable feedback. we take your suggestion as a positive note to improve the quality and services provided, especially to the elderly population. Do visit us again and give your valuable suggestion in areas to be improved.

  6. Kamal Sharma
    Kamal Sharma
    15 Nov 2021

    Nice experience while, taking my mom there, for fistula surgery.

  7. Samim Ali
    Samim Ali
    15 Nov 2021

    I had gone to many hospitals for the operation of kidney stones of my Grandmother who is 75+ aged, but many doctors gave different opinions and tests etc etc at a high cost. Two kidneys were inflected with stones and she was a diabetic patient. One of the kidneys was blocked with stones in urinary tract. It is my honest review that Dr. Pranjit Dhekial Phukan, a urologist who is down to earth done the operation successfully at a low cost, and now my grandmother is fine, one of the best doctors at Sun Valley Hospital.

  8. Rubul Ali
    Rubul Ali
    15 Nov 2021

    I am so Happy in this hospital.

  9. General Science India
    General Science India
    15 Nov 2021

    One of the best diabetic hospital in entire North East India

  10. Bhaskar Boruah
    Bhaskar Boruah
    15 Nov 2021

    Best hospital for diabetic patients in Assam. Dr. Jain is best for Diabetic patients. Other departments are also good..Hospital canteen is good, feel like home food..Cleanliness.. Affordable price.. And hospitality.

  11. Anubhab Deka
    Anubhab Deka
    15 Nov 2021

    Good hospital. More affordable than the others around it.

  12. Sajan Biswakarma
    Sajan Biswakarma
    15 Nov 2021

    All good but the ward boys are not doing their jobs properly…

  13. Dhrituraj Barman
    Dhrituraj Barman
    15 Nov 2021

    Neat and clean surroundings. The behavior of the doctors and nurses are good.

  14. Taniska Bora
    Taniska Bora
    15 Nov 2021

    The doctors are really good and friendly. One of the best hospital for diabetic patients and especially good for the diabetic foot.
    The behavior of the staff is not that good. If u complain they’ll personally try to attack. Staff must be trained to not misbehave with attendants.

  15. Priyanka Kakoti
    Priyanka Kakoti
    15 Nov 2021

    Very neat and clean hospital. This is best hospital in Guwahati for diabetic patient.

  16. Kunal Bhatta
    Kunal Bhatta
    15 Nov 2021

    The doctors are really good and friendly. I have recently visited this hospital for treatment. Especially Dr. J.K Kalita is a very good and friendly doctor I have ever met, he is very passionate and focus on his job. And I found all the sisters, ward boys, and other members are helpful and friendly. Yes, one or two might not be that good but that doesn’t mean everyone is like them. One of the best hospitals for diabetic patients and especially good for the diabetic foot.

  17. Let's Go
    Let's Go
    15 Nov 2021

    Beside downtown hospital and best facility hospital for sugar and thyroid patient.

  18. A B
    A B
    15 Nov 2021

    Just annoyed by the behavior of the stuff .. Don’t waste ur day. . They will take the whole day for a single test. No one will ans ur questions. .Will behave like u r a beggar. Useless nonsense stuff

  19. Anonymous Avi Gaming
    Anonymous Avi Gaming
    15 Nov 2021

    Mostly everyone is so mannerless that they are all busy talking to each other, they don’t have time to help the patients, very sorry to say but this is not the right hospital if patients are treated this way. I didn’t like it at all.

  20. Dipankar Bhargav
    Dipankar Bhargav
    15 Nov 2021

    For me this is one of the best hospital in NE. Very underrated.

  21. Nirmalendu Barman
    Nirmalendu Barman
    15 Nov 2021

    Dr. SK Jain is best and experienced foot surgeon, specially for diabetic patients. I’ll strongly recommend to see him if there is any problem with your legs whenever small or big.
    He is the back bone of this hospital. Otherwise we didn’t know about the hospital.

  22. Dhrubajyoti Bora
    Dhrubajyoti Bora
    15 Nov 2021

    Very Good Hospital of North East. specially for diabetic treatment. Food Surgeon Dr. S K Jain is very experience and talented person. Treatment cost is reasonable. But canteen is not good for patient or attendants. Over all is very good.

  23. Partha Kalita
    Partha Kalita
    15 Nov 2021

    Have been to this place for one time. doctors are good but you have to wait for the whole day . Behavior of nurses with the doctors are not good. they think themselves as doctor. if you ask them about your token number they will ask you to sit .totally disappointed. don’t want to visit again.

  24. Pratap Deka
    Pratap Deka
    15 Nov 2021

    Investigations are recommended by junior Doctor before seeing the specialist doctor without consent of the patient . Extra charge is levied for diet suggestion without consent of patient which is suggested free by the specialist doctor in many places.

  25. Pramod Choudhury
    Pramod Choudhury
    15 Nov 2021

    Very much satisfied with Sun Valley Hospital.
    1) Doctors are very well experienced, 2)Receptionist are well mannered,
    3) Canteen is highly hygienic and at a reasonable price.