The Guwahati Address Hotel

  • The Guwahati Address Hotel, 45/46, RG Baruah Road, Zoo Tinali, Guwahati, Assam, India
  • +91 361 2204115 / 2205115 / +91 708607 3502

The Guwahati Address is set as a Temple of Hospitality amidst the hustle and bustle of the Guwahati urbanscape. The atmosphere inside exudes an aura of calm and spiritual serenity that grasps the visitor in a warm embrace and a welcome smile. As the unsuspecting visitors walk past the high stone walls marking the entrance and amble under the pyramidical glass porch one steps up onto hand-cut spotted grey granite stone risers leading to a glass wall entrance. Upon entering the lobby you are greeted by a forest of handsome circular wooden columns standing as sentinels on either side. While the floor of the hall is a meandering stream of soft Sicilian marble, the ceiling is a river of colours of stain glass flowing past atop a series of wooden trusses. All the elements are intricately crafted, merging in harmony and creating a surreal interpretation of mother nature.

This ultimately leads on to the sanctum, a concierge crafted in a curve of Cherrapunji stones, tabled by a flowing teak top. The eye is then arrested, to examine the pinnacle of this axis, the centre of this gravity, manifest in a painting of a traditional Bihu dancer, portrayed in a nuance of graphic art rendition.

In the restaurant which is a dining area with an attached bar one is struck by a collage of frames depicting various textiles of the region, juxtaposed one to the other on a wall, presiding over the diners whose spirits are further enhanced by an exquisite designer copper chandelier suspended on the other end of the hall.

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